Hedging, a living wall...decorative, privacy, windbreak.  Growing hedges is a great way to create private spaces around your home. They grow densely, generally low maintenance, natural and provide a nicer view than a fence.  

Spacing, a decision determined by budget, desire and conjecture.  The closer you plant, the faster the hedge will form.  Planted too far apart means a sparse hedge. The closer, more plants, more money.   Further apart the cheaper it will be.  
If you have to compromise for cost reasons just be aware that the hedge may look a little thin for a while. 

Spacing Rules...
A fifth to one quarter of the average width of the free standing plant apart, 
e.g. a plant width of 2.5-3m will require a spacing of 0.6m. 

Multiply your desired hedge height by 0.3. For a 1m high hedge, each plant will be planted 30cm apart, a 1.5m high hedge they will be 45cm apart.


To grow a hedge, space the plants about a quarter of their maximum growing width apart. So if they grow 2m wide, plant them 500mm apart. 

Many species, Pittosporum great for a variety of landscape uses, dense luscious varied green foliage used for hedges, borders, windbreaks, foundation plantings or as a specimen tree or shrub.

Hardy in full sun/part shade.  Pittosporums respond to pruning twice a year, and bi-annual fertilising.  


Hardy and fast growing.  Just the best.  Colours of Green and Red and new growth that captures the eye.  Loves full sun.  Hedging plant when pruned, although can also be used to screen or act as a wind break if it hasn’t been pruned.


So attractive, glossy green foliage, fabulous flower display in the cooler months. 




Robust, colourful, quick-growing and make dense shrubs that respond well to pruning after flowering. 


Lovely rounded glossy fresh green leaves, formal look. Foliage will turn bronze in Winter.




Hardy.  Full Sun.  Just Wonderful




Fast growing with large leathery bright green lustrous polished foliage. 



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