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FLORIBUNDA. Rounded and Dense.   Bright Green Oval Leaves.   Bright Crimson-Pink Buds Open to Pink and White Blossoms.   Enjoys Full Sun.  Height:  4m  Width: 3m   Current Height 1.3m in a 45L Bag.



ELEYI.  Upright and Dome Like.   Purple-Bronze New Leaves.   Bright Pink-Red Blossoms.   Dark Coloured Fruit.   Height:  4m  Width: 3m        Current Height 1.3m in a 45L Bag.



TRILOBATA.  Tall and Erect.   Maple Like Leaves which have Three Serrated Lobes of Glossy Green.    In Autumn Expect Leaves of Yellow, Orange and Red Tones.  White Blossoms followed by a Few Scattered Yellow Fruits.  Height:  10m  Width: 4m   Current Height 1.8m in a 45L Bag.



ALDENHAMENSIS.  Upright and Dome Like.  Single and Semi-Double Pink-Wine Blossoms Hanging in Clusters. In Summer Dark Crimson Red Fruit.  Abundant Fruit Excellent for Jelly for those of Us That Know How!  Height:  4m Width: 3m   Current Height 1.7m in a 45L Bag.


WYCHWOOD.  Upright and Tight Growth.  Rich Ruby Leaves in Early Spring.  Stunning Double Ruby-Pink Blossoms.  Small Claret Fruits in Summer.  Height: 4m  Width: 2.5m  Current Height 1m in a 45L Bag.



X PURPUREA.  Open and Erect Habit.  Single Purple-Pink Blossoms.  Dark Red Fruit in Autumn.  Dark Green Purple Lobed Leaves Turning Bronze-Green.   Height: 4m  Width: 4m    Current Height 1.7m in a 45L Bag.



PROFUSION.  An Upright and Hardy.   Serrated Foliage Turning Bronze in Autumn and Features Outstanding Blossom with Red Buds Opening to Deep Purple-Pink Flowers.

Height:  4m   Width:  3m     Current Height 1.5m in a 45L Bag.



JULIA'S BLUSH.  Small Deciduous Tree with Open Spreading Habit. Single Deep Pink Blossoms in Spring. New Foliage has Purplish-Green Tips, Maturing to Bronze Green Leaves. Abundant Large Red Fruit with a Pink Flesh Suitable for Crabapple Jam. 
Height:  4m   Width:  3m      Current Height 1.3m in a 45L Bag.



RUBRA.  Small deciduous tree with open spreading habit. Single deep pink flowers in Spring. New foliage has purplish-green tips, maturing to bronze green leaves. Abundant large red fruit with a pink flesh suitable for crabapple jam. Plant in full sun in well drained fertile soil.                                    
Height:  5m   Width:  3m   Current Height 1.8m in a 45L Bag.


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