One of the Most Hardiest and Easily Grown Tree - Tough & Ornamental.  Ornamental Pears are Deciduous and Perfectly Suited to Our Region - they can Tolerate our Sun.  In Summer Green Glossy Leaves and in Autumn Stunning Display of Purple, Reds, Claret and Oranges.  They are Available in a Range of Shapes and Sizes.   

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MANCHURIAN.  Wide Spreading Shade Tree.   Glossy Green Oval Leaves.   Excellent Autumn Colour of Claret, Red and Orangy Hues.   Pale Pink Buds to White Blossoms.   Enjoys Full Sun.  Height: 10m  Width: 7m  


CAPITAL.  Columnar Tree.   Shiny Dark Green Leaves.   Excellent Autumn Colour of Redish Purple.   White Blossoms.   Looks Elegant in Narrow Spaces and Driveways. Height: 11m  Width: 3m   





GLENSFORM - CLEVELAND SELECT.  Upright Narrowly Conical Dense Habit.   Glossy Green Leaves.   Excellent Autumn Colour of Gold, Plum and Burgundy.   White Blossoms.     Height: 10m Width: 7m    



BRADFORD.  Oval Habit.   Glossy Green Leaves Heart Shape.  Shiny Red Autumn Colour.  White Blossoms.  Height: 10m  Width: 7m   



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